i can tell we're
going to be

i'm paige

hey y'all

a 26 year old lover of all things chocolate & dogs. an enneagram 9. a special education teacher by day. a target connoisseur. a caramel macchiato guzzler. an advocate for kindness. a voice for the voiceless. an obsessive compulsive ice cream eater. & hopefully your new favorite photographer

why photography? well, I wholeheartedly believe that everything in this life happens for a reason. and with that, i believe that the journey deserves to be documented. photos are not only meant to showcase your physical appearance but to be a constant reminder of how far you have come. to allow you an outsiders view of yourself and the beautiful life that you have created. 

my intentions are not only to leave you with a beautiful gallery, but to provide you with an experience that leaves you smiling & to foster connection with the ones you love.